About Us

Experience, Approach, Expertise

Experience: Our programs, products and services are the results of more than 30 years of experience in validated equipment cleaning and high-level disinfection in FDA- regulated manufacturing and life science facilities.

Our pharmaceutical experience supports contract manufacturing, topical over-the-counter, and dietary supplement facilities which have the same strict FDA compliance requirements but far fewer validation and process resources. With our expertise handling your manufacturing, research, laboratory or corporate cleaning, decontamination and microbial control needs, CANI products and procedures have been the choice of numerous manufacturing facilities as they seek to reduce cleaning costs and improve compliance.

Approach: We offer not just products, but a customized program for every customer and application. Our approach is based on the FDA’s process development and validation procedures, which involve process evaluation and risk assessment. We support all types and levels of cleaning process improvements, whether it involves the cleaning agent, the method, or the procedure.

Expertise: CANI experts have conducted training for engineers, scientists, and managers from the major drug, device, and biopharmaceutical companies, on topics such as:

  • cleaning (chemistry, process and cleaning validation)
  • microbial control
  • environmental monitoring
  • process validation
  • risk management

Our expertise in cleaning and experience in microbial control is part of our service. CANI will address your process, validation, change control or quality assurance questions. We help you evaluate and manage Environmental Health Safety aspects of the cleaning process, develop and Implement cleaning systems and procedures, and then train personnel.

We are known for being a resource for process improvement: creating a process for you that is better, safer, faster, lower cost, cleaning and validation. We work with you as partners in successfully addressing the challenges facing your industry.