Welcome to CANI, Inc.

Cleaning & Microbial Control for Research & Manufacturing

CANI is uniquely capable of handling any and all parts of your manufacturing, research, laboratory, or corporate cleaning, decontamination and microbial control needs.   With over 20 years of experience, we serve the entire range of manufacturing and research facilities including basic research, laboratory animal research, pilot and clinical facilities, bulk compound production and finished products from drugs and medical devices to personal care and food products.

Validated facilities are not locked in! CANI’s category of specified, scientifically selected, validated cleaning and decontamination agents can provide products so similar to your existing qualified and validated cleaning agents that they can be approved as alternates with simple change control documentation. Extensive testing or revalidation is not required, so shop around. You deserve the best service, convenience and pricing in the industry. FDA and EPA compliance expertise is just a click away!

Currently Using Steris CIP Line?

We provide:

  • Interchangeable Products
  • No revalidation
  • Cost Savings
  • Supply Chain Redundancy.