For Use On:
Processing Equipment
Laboratory Glassware, Plastics and Equipment
Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
Medical Device
Food & Beverage
Flavors and Fragrances


CP-700 is a concentrated liquid alkaline detergent used to cleand process and research equipment in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, medical device and food and beverage facilities. It will remove a wide range of process and product residues, including proteins, organics, many excipients, and fine chemicals. CP-700 is low foam, extremely free-rinsing and is phosphate-free.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Typical operating concentrataions of CP-700 vary from 0.4 to 10% by volume depending on temperature, soil loads, and cleaning methods used. Use in ultrasonics, immersion, pressure spray, and is ideal for recirculating glassware and spray washers and recirculating clean-in-place (CIP) systems. When used as directed, the product is safe for use on stainless steel, glass, and a wide variety of plastics. The product is not recommended for aluminum, copper and other soft metals. Always rinse food contact surfaces thoroughly with potable water after use of this product. NOTE: Proper care and protective equipment are required for manual cleaning – see MSDS sheet

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